Brief description of some of the features that the Takaya APT-9401CE can offer:

  • Four independantly moving topside probes
  • Two adjustable bottomside probes
  • Ability to perform 4-wire Kelvin measurments
  • Capable of applying 4 guard points per step
  • Test speeds of up to .03 seconds per step (standard machine)
  • Quiet operation

If you desire more advanced testing, several options are available which will enhance the overall effectivenes of the Takaya.

  • VXI measurement unit
  • 64 channels available for test-bed accessories
  • IC-Opens unit (open pin checker)
  • Power relay boards (for power up testing)
  • Vacuum unit (used with warped boards)
  • etc.

In keeping with their reputation for quality, Takaya uses only the most reliable ball screw and slide rail mechanisms which have been designed for accuracy, stability and durability. This attention to detail is a  major factor leading to the system's superior positioning performance.

  • Repeatability of +/- 50µm or less
  • Positioning resolution of 2.5µm
  • Minimum probe contact pad size approximately 240µm
  • Minimum pitch of 0.18mm between probe pins
  • Granite base reduces vibration thereby providing increased accuracy
  • etc.

The user friendly Windows XP or Windows 2000 based software was designed with the user in mind, so that even a relatively inexperienced person can quickly learn how to operate the tester.

  • Sophisticated display and advanced edit and debug functions
  • Programmable high-fly zones
  • Review and adjust test steps quickly and easily
  • Full networking capabilities
  • Multi-level password protection
  • etc.

Using the latest Cognex image processing technology, the optical recognition system (optional) provides test coverage for components that cannot be measured in-circuit. The vision system gives you the ability to detect:

  • Backwards tantalum capacitors
  • Mis-placed components
  • Part numbers
  • etc.