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Product name: Unloader
Product number: UL-460A-SB
Class name:SMT Peripherals Series
Framework Material: aluminium alloy


Connect with SMT and AI productions line, safety design ensure not to break any PCB when it is pushed and thus, reduce defect rate. Agility operation; Whth high accuracy, automatic counting, fault alarm function, is required for a full range of automation equipment.


  • PLC Control system FUJI button, easily operation Four pitches selection (10,20,30,40mm) Load three magzines Direction from left to right or right to left (optional)
  • Standard communication cable outlet

    Specification Bl-175C UL-210C
    Power Supply AC220V / 50/60Hz
    Air Supply 5kgf/cm2
    PCB Size 535x120-460mm
    Transport Height 900±20mm
    PCB Direction left to right (option:right to left)
    Magzine Size 535 x 530 x 570mm
    Pitches 10,20,30,40mm
    Machine Size 1700 x 960 x 1150mm 2100 x 960 x 1150mm
    Weight 200kg 250kg


    NG Unloader
    Product name: NG Unloader
    Product number: NG-250A-ST
    Class name:SMT Peripherals Series
    Framework Material: aluminium alloy
    PLC control system
    HMI control panel, operating more simple
    Sensors control, automatic storage (NG / OK) PCB board
    Standard communication cable outlet.

    Apply Connected AOI,good and bad board separation in a production line

    Power Supply AC220V/ 50/60HZ
    Air supply 5kgf/c㎡
    PCB Size(mm) 350x50~250
    PCB Direction left to right(option:right to left)
    Magzine Size(mm) 355x320x563
    Pitches 10,20,30,40
    Transport Height 900±20
    tack fixed side
    front side fixed (back side fixed)
    Main motor power(W) 415
    Machine Size
    weight(kg) 280